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An English Sailing Trawler built in Brixham 1911.

DEODAR was built as a sailing trawler at the Robert Jackman & Sons shipyard, the Breakwater yard in Brixham, Devon, in the year 1911.
There were several shipyards in Brixham building these vessels, the largest being Sanders in Galmpton, Upham, and Jackman.
Approximately 130 or more vessels were known to have been built at the Jackman & Sons shipyard, during 1879-1927.

DEODAR was ordered by Henry and Edward Hellings fish chandlers in Milford Haven. She was rigged as a ketch, with a standard rig for Bristol Channel, of 35 feet between deck and hounds on the main mast. She was assigned the fishing no BM 313 and since she registered over 40 gross tonnage, was therefore considered by the locals "a big sloop".

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Banner photo: DEODAR & SUNBEAM - Saltkråkan Race 2013 - Photographer - Ludwig Eurén


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